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Kick-Ass, new red band trailer online

Kick-Ass.jpgThere's a new Kick-Ass red band trailer online, and there's some new footage along with the old, as well as a new cut that delivers a little bit more punch. Not that it needed it, I was already sold on the film before this trailer, but this is like the icing on the cake.

This red band trailer is full of swearing and adult related material, and there's an age check on it for good reason. I love it.

You all know about the Kick-Ass film by now so there's no need for me to go through it again, suffice to say it's about a bunch of teenagers who decide to become superheroes, and they have no powers what so ever.

From Mark Millar's excellent brain, he created the comic book, and adapted by the superb Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman with Vaughn directing.

Actually, if I just saw that right, there's a cheeky Claudia Schiffer billboard in that trailer.




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