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Killer first person thriller

ParanormalActivityCamera.jpgThere's a new idea for a found footage film that sounds rather interesting, although depending on how far the first person aspect is exploited might just kill any dramatic element of the story.

Killer is a speculative script from Kenny Golde that will see a rogue police investigator discovering a video left by a killer which begins a cat and mouse game between the two with the investigator always a few steps behind the killer.

It does sound very similar to stories we've heard before, but there's a question on how the video element is going to be used that might just inject something a little different.

The story from Variety through MTV tells us the basic plot, but ShockTillYouDrop has something a little extra that suggests that this could offer us more than the standard found footage film.

As the story moves back and forth between the lunatic's homage to his own madness, and the POV of the investigation, the lines blur until the police become a part of the killer's film.

Point of view, now there's something that worries me. Lately I've seen a couple of first person films and they were stark contrasts. Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review) failed to keep me caught up in the story because the film focused so much on retaining that first person aspect that it went against the choices that the characters would genuinely make, it broke the reality of the story.

Meanwhile Mission X (Filmstalker review) did the exact opposite, it concentrated on the characters and managed to make all the first person footage feel as though it was all in character, nothing went against the reality of the film.

For an example, in Paranormal Activity the husband hears his wife screaming in absolute terror and she may be hurt, he goes to get the camera, makes sure its on, and films himself walking to her and then films her on the ground, all before showing concern or shock. He films here there rather than finding out if she's okay. That breaks the reality of the character and the situation.

So when I hear about a film having a first person point of view I'm concerned. However the situation that Killer will be presenting does sound interesting, the back and forth aspect of the two viewpoints could provide something fresh and exciting.

I just have to say, let the characters and the story be at the fore, build the first person perspective into that.



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