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L'immortel French trailer online

Limmortel.jpgJean Reno stars in L'immortel, and the French language trailer is online now, and looking incredibly intriguing. The story is pretty straight up, but for fans of Reno it'll make you drool for some of his best roles.

However the trailer has something of a different tone to what you might expect, it's considered and gives a slightly different feel to the film you might expect from the blurb. Let me hit you with that blurb first.

Jean Reno plays Charly Matteï, a man who was once a member of the Marseille mafia. Once he was a brutal and dangerous man, but now he's going straight and has done for some three years, living with his wife and child forgetting what has gone before. Someone hasn't though, and one morning masked gunmen shot him and leave him for dead, with twenty two bullets inside of him it's a miracle he survives, but not for the men who shot him or his boss.

The story sounds a great one, and from looking at the trailer for L'Immortel aka 22 Bullets looks pretty good, especially with Jean Reno taking the lead. See what you think.

Le Blog du Cinema provides the trailer, and the blurb for the film that many are highlighting as being produced by Luc Besson, however he's not the writer nor the director.

The story comes from Franz-Olivier Giesbert's novel of the same name (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), adapted by Richard Berry, Alexandre de La Patellière and Mathieu Delaporte with the actor Richard Berry directing the film. None of that means anything to me to be honest, the names nor the novel, but they are the people who made the film, not Besson. For me the trailer and the fact that Reno is leading the film are what count so far, Besson's company may have produced, but it's these guys who made the film.

Either way I think the trailer looks pretty damn good, don't you?



Ooh, well put together trailer. I assume it's cut in the same style as the film itself. French cinema has always released some of, if not the most, interesting films.


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