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Lucas Red Tails reshoot and denials

GeorgeLucas.jpgGeorge Lucas is not the director of Red Tails, let's get that clear first, he's created the story and he's one of the executive producers. The writer is John Ridley and the director Anthony Hemingway, that's something that always bothers me when the film is continually described as George Lucas' Red Tails.

That out of the way, the news came in yesterday that Lucas was taking over the production, performing rewrites and preparing for a large reshoot schedule, and that would be coming from him, not from the existing writer and director.

Today, that looks like it's being shot down in flames.

The story arrived yesterday saying that George Lucas and Rick McCallum, his producing partner, were looking through the dailies and were:

”...trying to salvage whatever footage they can from Hemingway’s work in order to figure out exactly how much will need to be re-shot.”

The story in First Showing through Collider also said that his rewrites would...

”...completely change the main characters and their storylines.”

They had an inside source that was telling them the film about the first African-American fighter pilot squadron to fly in active combat during World War II, was not gathering favour from the executive producers, and that Lucas was looking to plan rewrites and reshoots to the production.

Then, today, a story comes from Digital Spy that reports to have a quote directly from Lucasfilm themselves, although there's no named source and it is a source of many a false rumour, however the quote apparently from Lucasfilm says:

”The story that is circulating about production on Red Tails is completely inaccurate.”

Completely inaccurate, note that. Completely that is apart from the reshoots, and although they are standard reshoots built into the production as with every Lucasfilm made, they're still reshoots. So technically not completely inaccurate then.

”George Lucas and Rick McCallum are very pleased with the work Anthony Hemingway did directing the film and additional shooting that is scheduled to take place was built into production before it began, as it is on all our films.”

Well it's a similar story to the one we heard about The Wolfman, “nothing to see here, business as usual”, and when the film is released even the directors on the project are telling us of the woes, and I'm sure there's more to come.

The true story behind Red Tails won't really out until the film is seen and the passage of time allows the real story to be told, or for the director and writer to speak up about it, but I suspect if these reshoot really are happening then the stories will build and build until the truth will have to be said, or seen.



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