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Madonna's W.E. casting and plot reveal

AbbieCornish.jpgApparently a cast is growing for Madonna's film about the abdication of the British King Edward VII that she is writing along with with Alek Keshishian.

The film is set to tell the story of Edward and Mrs. Simpson, the famous story of the British King leaving his thrown for a woman who he could never marry and remain in the throne.

Wallis Simpson was a two time divorcee and a bit of a socialite, and to marry her, King Edward VII had to abdicate the throne, i.e. give up the idea of being King and leave Britain becoming Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor.

Already we heard that Vera Farmiga was set to play the role of Wallis Simpson, and seeing her at the BAFTAs last weekend it was clear she could so easily look like the character, her hair styling was rather close.

Mind you, at the time the story broke I was saying that she would surely want to see the script before committing to the film, something that The Daily Mail confirmed when they spoke to Farmiga at the BAFTA meal and she told them that the deal had not been completed.

However there's now word of another lead, and a bigger reveal of the plot. First let's tackle the plot, otherwise the casting won't make a lot of sense.

According to the same article, the film is going to take an unusual approach to the story and copy the idea of the recently release Julie and Julia, following two women in similar situations across completely different times.

One will be the character of Wally Winthrop, a woman who is obsessed with the life of Mrs. Simpson and is having similar romantic problems of her own, she's married and having an affair with a Russian security guard. At the same time we'll see the story of Mrs. Simpson play out in a parallel.

Again, according to the article and remember this is a British paper, they had seen a previous draft of the script and it wasn't that good, but since then there have been many drafts and revisions and the word is that it's much better.

Casting of the two women depends on who is cast to play the King, and as yet there's no word on who that could be.

However there is word on who would play Wally, and that is rumoured to be Abbie Cornish, she'd play the modern woman casting her mind back in time to Wallis Simpson.

It's an interesting idea and an interesting line-up, however I'm not utterly convinced, and that's down to the writers and director, so far neither really have the successes to prove me wrong, however if they do secure this cast then perhaps there's something in it?



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