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Mark Millar directing Scottish Superhero film

MarkMillar.jpgMark Millar is rapidly turning into something of a local hero for me. Not only has he written some great comic books, he's inspired and worked on Wanted (Filmstalker review) and now Kick-Ass, and he looks set to deliver sequels to both.

Now though, he's back talking about this project that he's going to direct, something that he revealed he was going to do back in November last year. Now though he's telling us a hell of a lot more, and it's exciting.

Has Scotland ever wanted its own superhero? Well we're going to get one, for Mark Miller is going to be writing and directing a brand new story, one that's never been seen before, and he's revealed it's about a superhero and it's set in Scotland, and no, it's not a comedy.

I can't tell you how excited this makes me, and not just that how genuinely proud I'm feeling for Mark Millar deciding to film his first independent in Scotland when big productions won't even come near the country, not even films about Scotland.

Speaking to IGN he said the following, actually let me see what Millar has to say:

Another interesting part of the interview is the pause he has when the interviewer doesn't articulate properly which project he's asking about. How many projects does he have on the go? He stumbles a little and says something like 'oh, the directing'. Wanted and Kick-Ass sequels for sure, anything else?

I am so trying not to wet myself. He's such a down to earth bloke and sounds like he genuinely loves what he does, as well as just honestly speaks about it, something I hugely respect in people.

He's saying that the film will be very unlike other superhero films...

“...as different from Superman or X-Men as District 9 is from Star Wars.”

A Scottish serious superhero. Mark Millar I salute you.



"Has Scotland ever wanted its own superhero? Well we're going to get one"
Plainly, everyone at Filmstalker has forgotten about Scotland's first superhero, Jason Mackenzie, in 'Night Is Day', which has one series already available on DVD, a second series in post-production, and a feature film in pre-production for shooting this summer. www.nightisday.com

Plainly the only person at Filmstalker has...

...forgotten that he even wrote about it!

Awesome stuff... I'm a huge Millar fan (as you might have noticed over at Darkmatters, I guess putting the Kick-Ass trailer at the bottom of every single page until the film hits is a bit of a give away!).

This will be the best Scottish film ever!!

Rich - can't wait to compare notes on Kick-Ass with you , let me know your thoughts on it (my review is embargoed until the 13th).


I can't wait tot see it, and I wish I could have stayed down in London after the BAFTA red carpet event to see it.

Will let you know as soon as I have.

It’s special design for the party and wonderful with Skinny Jeans.


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