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Matt Damon as Robert F. Kennedy

RobertFKennedy.jpg Matt Damon is set to play another real life historical character so soon after playing Francois Pienaar in Invictus (Filmstalker review), now he's set to tackle someone with that is a lot more recognisable and known in his home country, the brother of a President, Robert F. Kennedy.

We heard about a Robert F. Kennedy film being directed by Chris Columbus back in 2008, a film based on the book The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America by Thurston Clarke, but this film will see Gary Ross directing and Steven Knight writing.

Gary Ross previously directed Seabiscuit and Pleasantville, but there's nothing that would suggest a project of this stature before, representing Robert F. Kennedy is surely going to be something that's going to gain you ever eye focused on your representation of the famous character.

Steven Knight is known for his writing on Dirty Pretty Things, Amazing Grace and Eastern Promises (Filmstalker review), , and according to the story in Deadline Hollywood Daily has gained some strong praise from the studio for his recent script Pawn Sacrifice which dramatised the chess victory of Bobby Fischer over Boris Spassky.

The film is to look at Robert F. Kennedy's entire life, not just the time during and after his brother's time as the U.S. President. It will look at how he grew up as the younger brother of John all the way through to his assassination in 1968. Now that is ambitious indeed.

Can Matt Damon play the character and make us forget that he's Matt Damon though? It's something he really needs to be able to do in order to play such a famous character, because you want to be thinking of Robert F. Kennedy up there, not Matt Damon playing a role. I wonder if he can, not because of his ability, but because he's so well known.



the movie representaitons based on the kennedy families always seem a bit vague or are approached from an 'hidden angle' Costner in JFK (1992) gave some illumination but not much...

[it seems perhaps we know less beacause of the circumstances around the assassination of JFK...we can therefore only 'hypothesis' as Stone attempted to do with his 1992 picture]

Incidentally the JFK assassination is the second most famous assination in history to the founder of christainity...]

[which incidentally is another field which has yet to be fully documented on film because of lack of evidence cover ups etc...?

I think Matt damon has reached a point in his career where he is ready to play someone like this ...he will need to prepare carefully to ensure we see a natural portrayal rather than a 'preapred one' / perhaps looking at video footage to gane insight into the 'manners of the man' rather than just a 'oversight portrayal based on written documents / people around the time?'

Has it been rumoured a new JFK film is coming out in three years time focuisng more on his marriage to Jackie? [during the years upto his election as President...]


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