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Middle Men red band trailer online

MiddleMen.jpgNow before I do anything else let me say that this is a red band trailer for Middle Men, that means there's adult stuff in there. Now usually I scoff at this because it's about swearing, or half hearted violence, or some silliness that doesn't really make people bad if they watch it. However this is adult only.

Seriously, there are plenty of topless shots and sexiness going on, so be warned, it really is rude. At the same time though there's something to this trailer, perhaps there's a strong thriller in here amongst the nudity and comedy, that's what comes to the fore anyway.

Middle Men is a film co-written and directed by George Gallo, who also wrote the story for Bad Boys, and the screenplays for The Whole Ten Yards, and Code Name: The Cleaner. It stars Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht as two men who have a great idea for selling pornographic images on the internet, and end up creating the first internet commerce system. However they aren't the brightest sparks and need some help, that's where the middle man played by Luke Wilson comes in.

Wilson's character is just a businessman and doesn't want to get involved in the sleazy side, however with these two geniuses involved it's too late, and when they end up owing the Russian mob money and the gangsters want to collect, he has his work cut out to keep everything on the straight and narrow.

The trailer looks like a lot of fun and seems to balance a number of threads together, but the dramatic thriller does look like it might stay the course.

Of course there are some factors to cause concern, Gallo's previous work, the large amount of breasts in the trailer – is that statement the right way round? - and the overplayed comedy section at the start with all those bells and whistles. On the plus side? The cast looks great, it includes James Caan, Kelsey GrammerKevin Pollak, Rade Serbedzija, Robert Forster and Jesse Jane.

Here's the trailer to have a look at, and remember adults only!

What do you think? More breasts to encourage viewers, or is there something to this?



This actually feels like someone got two trailers; one a comedy and the other a thriller, and mashed them up.

Absolutely, although it'll be interesting to see if it can merge the two styles, I think it's maybe just been cut to try and hit both audiences.


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