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Mission: Impossible IV begins

TomCruise.jpgIt's not really a great surprise that Tom Cruise is working on a fourth Mission: Impossible film, after all they have been great successes and are one franchise that can be said to be getting better and better in terms of action and excitement, the last outing was superb fun.

He and J.J. Abrams have teamed up together in June of last year to produce an idea for the next film which is currently with the screenwriters Josh Applebaum and Andre Nemec, two men who previously wrote scripts for Alias, a perfect marriage in my mind.

However what they don't want to be doing is slipping down the Ethan Hunt only route, and something I thought about the last film was that it was pushing the team more to the side than any of the previous, although to be fair that was something that was started in previous films.

I'd like to see it keep the team element and build a little more on that, but frankly it could go any direction couldn't it? At the end of Mission: Impossible III (Filmstalker review) wasn't the thought that he was out?

According to The Hollywood Reporter the deal just seemed too lucrative to both the studio and Tom Cruise so they came back together to work on this fourth film. At one point that seemed unlikely because the production deal ended after the third film, but the money and the fun looks like it brought Cruise back, and I think the studio were just after one of those.

It's not clear if J.J. Abrams will have any more involvement than he is now, coming up with the original idea and passing it over to his previous screenwriters, but I do imagine if they come out with a strong idea that he'll be invited in.

However the series does like to chop and change the directors, and I think that's something that's kept it alive all this time, so maybe there will be a change.

Are you up for a fourth in the series? I certainly am.



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