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Mr. & Mrs. Smith remake?

MrandMrsSmith_Poster.jpgFirst of all let's put this reboot rubbish to bed. There is no reboot of a single film, it's a remake, a prequel or a sequel, you can't reboot a franchise that never happened, that never got beyond one film. So the idea of a Mr. & Mrs. Smith reboot is rubbish, it's a remake, or as the story tells us, a prequel.

It would seem that there's a new Mr. & Mrs. Smith in the works, but without the acting couple who made the roles and the film what it was.

Worse than that the film isn't even a reboot, it's kind of a prequel, or rather an entire remake with a different take on the idea. Mr. & Mrs. Jones is going to see the main actors replaced and the story is going back in time, before Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Where Mr. & Mrs. Smith saw a married couple not realising that each was hiding a secret identity, they were highly trained assassins, and when they cross paths on the same assignment, their competing agencies set them up to kill each other. Overcoming their differences of killing each other for all the lies in their marriage, they team up to kill the agency contracted killers now after them, and in the process discover the real them.

It's a great film, exciting, fun, and plenty of laughs, and if you haven't seen it then I'd say go see it now. The remake though, doesn't sound very imaginative, here's the blurb according to New York Magazine through Coming Soon.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones is going to show a couple, a different couple of assassins who graduate from their agency training and are set-up as a fake married couple. Oh, and the new actors aren't going to be well known, with the characters set in their twenties. Don't you think this might have meant the agencies would have known that the Smith's were living together since it's happened before?

The story doesn't sound that exciting at all, and you can already start to guess the way it's going to play out. However Akiva Goldsman is writing, and he's a damn good writer, but the magic has to lie in the couple, and with the original it was the superb pairing of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

We can but hope that Goldsman saves the idea, I'm not so sure there's a lot of room for him to do that though.



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