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Pitt destined for Gunsmoke?

BradPitt.jpgWe heard that there was going to be an adaptation of Gunsmoke for the big screen, but did you know how big? Well there are some rather large actors being considered according to rumour, and it's making it all sound like this production is set to be big.

Have I said big too many times? Here's the low down on the Gunsmoke rumours.

Gunsmoke began as a radio series and later became a television show, telling the story of Marshal Matt Dillon, the lawman and peacekeeper in the town of Dodge City. He does this along with three other main characters, the town doctor Doc Adams and the tavern owner Kitty Russell.

Apparently, and there are no sources given for the rumours of potential casting that come from the L.A. Times Blog, but they are good rumours none the less. According to the Brad Pitt is in the lead for the role with Ryan Reynolds being considered for the role of the main gunslinger role.

They say that the two actors are on the studio's desired list, but there's a long list, there are director's have their say as well as the studio, and there is no director as yet, and in a big film like this you get a big director, and when a big director comes in they get to have a big choice in cast. As the article says, it's actually rarely that a star is the drive of a project before a director is on board, even if they haven't officially signed them yet.

So let's put some perspective and reality on this. The studio have an actors wish-list that suggests they are far more than willing to up the ante on the film budget-wise, and that means a big star and big director, and if they get a big director in then there's no way they are forcing a cast on them.

Mind you there is the possibility that they could be assembling a high brow cast to lead the film and then taking in a director that would happily take on board whatever the studio give them, but then what would be the chances of getting a good film out of the end of it?

I'd go for the former. The studio are probably lining up potentials so that when a director signs up they have a ready made short list. That is, if they haven't already a couple of directors sitting waiting to see if they get their dream cast lined up so they sign on the dotted line.

A script is already out there from Gregory Poirier, the man who wrote National Treasure: Book of Secrets and The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, and it's a script that the L.A. Times say the studio likes, although it's the first draft.

The idea behind the film seems to be to modernise the story but retain the western setting, and I got a little perturbed when it mentions that they are going for a action film.

What I hope is that they go all out realistic on the western side of the story and make it like it really was.

The real question is what kind of Gunsmoke do we want to see? What kind of western do you want to see?



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