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Prince trailer online, stylish action galore

PrincePoster.jpgPrince looks like an action film set to out do some of the biggest Hollywood films, well if we're going by the trailer that is. The set pieces, action sequences, and the premise of the film all look great, and a few moments had me surprised they were even happening.

However there's a bigger surprise here, despite the inspiration of Matrix and Wanted, it's not a Hollywood film.

If I were to say to you Bollywood, what would you be thinking right now? The tacked on ending of Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review)? Is that perhaps the closest you've gotten? I know for a lot of people it is, and for me my Bollywood experience is embarrassingly low and amounts to what I've been exposed to through western cinema.

So if you think Bollywood is all dance numbers and longing gazes, think again, for it's much more than that. In fact let me stop you right there and throw you into the trailer found through Twitch:

Wow. That's what I thought when I saw it. Some of those stunts we've seen before, but some of them are almost eye popping – the end motorcycle leap? The other thing I really like is the way that the camera has been pulled back in the action sequences, rather than push in Hollywood style we get to see the action.

Prince, or Prince: It's Showtime, is a huge surprise, the amount of action they have squeezed into this one trailer is superb.

The story is the other great moment, and despite the Indian language opening you get to hear the star tell you in English about half way through, what really is happening with him.

Vivek Oberoi stars as Prince, one of the best thieves in the world who has just committed the biggest heist of his life. In the morning he wakes up and finds that he has a gunshot wound on his arm, but he doesn't remember getting it. Come to think of it, he doesn't remember anything, he's suffering from Amnesia.

Now he has to try and find out what has happened to him while he realises that there's much more than his future on the line, even if he only has six days to survive.

The film looks spectacular, but will it be enough to entice you to watch a Bollywood film? Surely it would.



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