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Princess Margaret's gangster affair film

PrincessMargaret.jpgA new film is being written that will examine the affair that the member of British Royalty, Princess Margaret, had with John Bindon in the late sixties.

Bindon was not only a man who played a London gangster in film, but he was involved in the criminal underworld in real life, and he was accused of criminal activity through his career as well as having ties to the Kray twins.

John Bindon played a lot of criminal roles in film, and he began acting when he was twenty-six, starring in a film for Ken Loach. He was probably best known for his role in Performance next to Mick Jagger, a role which earned him some critical acclaim. He also starred in Get Carter, Juggernaut, Barry Lyndon and Quadrophenia.

The last time Princess Margaret's past was aired on screen was in The Bank Job (Filmstalker review), a film whose main premise was undoubtedly referring to the member of British royalty and a secret photograph or two which revealed a bit too much of the Princess. In the film she was never referred to directly, and the idea was said to be based on rumour, but it was clear that was the implication.

The Princess had many holidays in the Caribbean, and she and John Bindon were even photographed together on holiday there, one such photograph you can see in The Daily Mail in reference to the film, and so the story for The Bank Job began.

Now this relationship is set to be examined in more detail according to The Hollywood Reporter, although it's not clear if this idea of the robbery that saw the press silenced with a D-notice would feature in it.

The film is currently being written by Louis Mellis, the writer of Sexy Beast and 44 Inch Chest, so you can see already that it will play to the gangster strengths of the story and perhaps the affair itself will be relegated to a sub plot. Or maybe not considering that the title of the film is to be Princess' Gangster.

Speaking about the film, one of the producers Patrick Milling Smith said:

”We needed someone who could give us an authentic voice, because Bindon, who could break your legs but who was also a mini-celebrity, was a force of nature. He was a real raconteur and full-on entertainer. There aren't many people who can inhabit characters like that and make then amusing, but Louis definitely can.”

It's certainly going to be an interesting film, and a controversial one. Set to pull out more of Bindon's criminal affairs as well as highlight how closely involved he was with the Princess. Now I don't believe the D-notice is in use these days, is it?



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