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Quinto to play Gershwin

GeorgeGershwin.jpgAccording to rumours, the ones that can be pretty strong, not the UK tabloid ones for other stories I'm ignoring today, Zachary Quinto may be set to play the great George Gershwin for the DreamWorks film.

What's more is that this film could be one of the films that Steven Spielberg is looking at for his next film, and so it could turn out to be something of a huge turn for the film and for Quinto.

I wrote about this film back in October of last year, when we first heard about it, and the plans were to create a film that would follow the life of George Gershwin from being born and living with his parents, who were Russian immigrants, in Brooklyn, and across his massive career during which he wrote more than a dozen successful Broadway shows along with his brother Ira Gershwin, and died when he was a mere thirty-eight years old.

Of course it's not the first Gershwin film, with there being a 1945 film about him called Rhapsody in Blue, but a modern day biographical film would surely be the more complete one and look far more closely at his life and the man himself.

We previously heard that one of the producers was Michael Feinstein who is a strong pianist and regarded as an expert on Gershwin and his works, so there's a lot of suggestion that it will be an accurate look at his life and the great music that he and his brother created.

There's nothing much to go on at the moment other than the rumour from Deadline Hollywood Daily, but they do tend to be pretty good at getting the scoop before anyone else here's about it.

Zachary Quinto as Gershwin? Well it's a big role, and the only problem I can see so far is that he's almost iconic as Sylar. Mind you Star Trek (Filmstalker review) made us forget that character quite quickly, but we replaced that with Spock. Can he shake off these two huge characters and take on a real life person?



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