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Showgirls: The Return teaser online

Showgirls.jpg There was something about Showgirls that you could at least say was entertaining and had a few things to say about our society, it really did, and there are still people today who view the film as a positive and enjoyable experience. Honestly.

I didn't think that though, fun and enjoyable for a bloke to watch, but that was about it. So for the Showgirls sequel I have no interest, and the first teaser did little for me, mind you it showed little of the film. Now we have a new trailer that has plenty of footage, some might say too much.

The sequel from Marc Vorlander will not feature the stars of the original Showgirls, Gina Gershon, Kyle MacLachlan and Elizabeth Berkley.

Showgirls: The Return was called Showgirls: The Story of Hope, and the original story was to follow a the brother of a stripper who had died coming to town to search for the truth behind her death and seek revenge.

It's not clear if the film story is changing from the trailer, for really there's no story associated with it, there are a series of short scenes and moments which suggest drugs, sex, naked people and a murder, but there's nothing coherent coming out of it.

What's more is that the skull and crossbones imagery is as subtle as a brick, and the opening sequence of the woman dragging herself out of the bath, obviously in some distress, raises the question who was killed before her and dragged herself out the exact same way, for there's already a big water trailer there - take two with no cleaning between shots?

Honestly, it's terrible, but it's getting lots of attention already from everyone writing about how bad it is, and it is very bad. Oh, there are quite a few scenes of nudity and adult related shenanigans, so be wary.

Try to see if you can make the end of the trailer which comes from the official Showgirls sequel site through Movieline and Pajiba:



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