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Soderbergh casts Contagion

StevenSoderbergh.jpgSteven Soderbergh has begun casting his next film, and it's a film called Contagion written by Scott Z. Burns, and pushed to the front of his queue for a start this year. Word is that the thriller is a multi plot threaded one which is terrifying, the exact word used to describe the story.

It's moving ahead so quickly that we're hearing about the closing casting deals already, and the strong casting seems to have come out of nowhere.

If all the deals go through, so far we're looking at a cast of Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Marion Cotillard, and that's a cracking cast.

Back in September of last year I wrote about Scott Z. Burns talking about how he and Steven Soderbergh came up with the idea of the film, built out of the idea of the sneeze scene in The Informant! which started a discussion about the passing of germs and the spread of infections.

The story from The Playlist doesn't really tell us any more about the film, but they are telling us that the thriller is terrifying and mention comparisons to Traffic. In fact the latter is a rather strong link since this film will have multiple threads that link together and connect.

Previously we heard Burns say that the idea of a virus spreading this way could bring up issues regarding sovereignty and on how information and misinformation travel, spreading like a virus, like information on the Internet in a way, however there he was just as vague.

The article does tell us though that Soderbergh bumped up this idea because there were other similarly themed films that were scheduled to start so he switched Liberace for Contagion. Something that I think will be a popular move with the general audience, although I still would love to see the Liberace film, this idea is intriguing. I just want to know a little more, it's got me hooked already though.



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