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Stalked: Lone Ranger, trailers for Toy Story 3 and Get Him to the Greek, Costner to star and direct, Refn takes Marshall's Drive

The Lone Ranger gains writer...

Get Him to the Greek trailer...

Toy Story 3 trailer online...

Costner returns to directing...

Refn takes over Marhsall's Drive...

The Lone Ranger gains writer...
Justin Haythe is the man who has been given the task of writing The Lone Ranger for Disney which Jerry Bruckheimer is producing, so expect tons of action. The news comes from Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision.

Get Him to the Greek trailer...
There's a lot of talk about the Get Him to the Greek trailer and loads of people shouting about it being superb. I'm not so sure. It has potential that's true, and Russell Brand looks like he could have some great fun with the character, but, well, the whole plot is in those five words. You can see the high definition version over at Apple Trailers.

Toy Story 3 trailer online...
I must have missed this trailer for Toy Story 3 when it was released, not now though. Here's the trailer that promises a lot more than the blurbs have so far. This looks like a pretty damn good adventure don't you think?

Costner returns to directing...
Kevin Costner is returning to directing with a film called A Little War of Our Own, and he'll star in the film too as a Sheriff who has to try and keep a town from exploding into violence, and there's a U-Boat commander in the film too. The producer Armyan Berstein said that this has been a passion project for them both for some time. The story comes from Variety through First Showing.

Refn takes over Marhsall's Drive...
Neil Marshall is directing the James Sallis novel Drive no more, for now the role has headed to Nicolas Winding Refn and he's taking Ryan Gosling into the lead of the stuntman whose by night is a getaway driver. The story comes from Empire through The Playlist.



such a great movie, it's so hilarious. Russell Brand and Jonah Hill have a very good chemistry on this film plus I was surprise of P.Diddy's role.
can't wait till' it hits on theaters on June 4, 2010


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