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Super Bowl teasers for Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood

ShutterIsland.jpgThere are two more Super Bowl teasers live on the Internet, and the videos are really here (I'm not just saying that) for both Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood, and they are both looking very powerful.

Shutter Island is the Martin Scorsese film led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Brooklyn's Finest is from Antoine Fuqua and stars Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Ethan Hawke, Wesley Snipes, Ellen Barkin, and Robin Hood is Ridley Scott's version of the story with Russell Crowe in the lead.

Shutter Island is looking fantastic, and even though this teaser doesn't do the full length trailer justice, it's looking good and delivers well.

I think though it's Brooklyn's Finest that really hits the hardest, although it doesn't deliver a feel of the story, it does give you the main characters and their motivations, and shows you the faces involved.

The Robin Hood teaser is looking pretty good too, it's hinting at a different direction in the story, especially as we see that the aforementioned Robin is looking like he's in charge of a fairly big force and some big battle scenes. It's not quite the Robin Hood I remember:

All three are looking great, but I think it's the Brooklyn's Finest teaser that wins out, plus there's Wesley Snipes! Mind you, the Robin Hood story is looking interesting, I wonder how different it's going to turn out?



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