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Super Bowl teasers: The Crazies, Alice in Wonderland, Prince of Persia, The Wolfman, Robin Hood

I've already posted the Super Bowl teaser trailers for The Last Airbender as well as Shutter Island, Brooklyn's Finest and Robin Hood, but now the remaining film teasers have been placed online, including a second Robin Hood teaser.

The teasers generally are good, despite everyone saying that this is the worst ever year for the teasers.

Let's just kick off with them shall we? First up is The Crazies, and I love the way these trailers have been ending with all the action and horror beforehand and then the instigating moment at the end.

The Crazies
Alice in Wonderland
Prince of Persia
The Wolfman

The second Robin Hood teaser also gives us firm confirmation, this isn't the Robin Hood of Sherwood, this is the Robin Hood fighting the crusades and what happened to him before he became that outlaw. In fact the shouts of him being the bad guy are probably going to be near the end of the film and lead on to a sequel...or two.

Robin Hood



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