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Update: True Lies: Taxi Driver sequel/prequel/remake?

TaxiDriver.jpgI'm not entirely sure if this is complete conjecture, or if there's some weight to this rumour, but a sequel to Taxi Driver has been touted before by Paul Schrader, and now it would seem that in addition to Martin Scorsese talking about working with Robert De Niro again, he's talking about a new Taxi Driver.

It certainly sounds like this rumour could be a misunderstanding of Scorsese's original comments, or it could be a rumour from unconfirmed resources, or it could even be true.

Yet the fact that Paul Schrader has talked about it in the past and revealed that he talked with Martin Scorsese about it, does suggest that the director was interested.

However at the Berlin Film Festival rumours are circulating that Martin Scorsese, Lars von Trier and Robert De Niro are planning a new Taxi Driver.

The rumour comes from Copenhagen film magazine Ekko through The Guardian, and they wisely put the big rumour tag on the story too, something I want to make everyone aware of as they read this.

Still, the idea of a new Taxi Driver has great amounts of relevance in today's society and would work really well taken in a modern context, but is there a need to remake the classic?

What about a sequel though? I'm not so sure that would really offer something interesting. Going back to the same character when he's older doesn't seem to hold any interest for me, and a prequel is just a daft idea.

No, it would have to be a remake, wouldn't it?

The original Taxi Driver from 1976 saw Robert De Niro playing Travis Bickle, a man who begins to hit a downward spiral and turns violent vigilante. It's a great film, and a great role for De Niro that hit iconic status for both film and character, and with that in mind I wonder if any attempt to do anything with the film nowadays would work? Especially if it really is true that von Trier would be involved? This has to be a crazy rumour doesn't it?

Update: True Lies: I don't know about other writers, but I actually feel embarassed when I write about something that isn't true, I really do. It feels as though I actually damage the reputation that I've built up, but then perhaps that's because Filmstalker is me, and not a corporate and/or group site.

However with the idea of Taxi Driver being remade with Lars von Trier with involvement from Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, it seemed wilde but too crazy to ignore. Of course there was no discussion around it on the site since the commenting was down, but I had a good few discussions in other Filmstalker social media outlets about it.

Good news though is that it's not true, and that's from the business partner of Lars von Trier, Peter Aalbaek Jensen from ScreenDaily.

Mind you that's not von Trier or Scorsese themselves, but still, it's pretty close isn't it?

"I have seen it [the story] in the Danish film magazine and what is written there is not true…"

Is what the man said. So another made up "sources" rumour spreads across the Interflab once again.



taxi driver is a classic and i really think a sequel is unnecessary and unrealistic. isn't it obvious from the ending that even though travis bickle survives the shootout it is only a matter of time before he goes on a murderous rampage once more and this time he'll end up dead!
instead why not concentrate on a prequel. very little is known about travis' early life apart from vietnam. is he native to new york? his family, the psychological impact vietnam had on him! all interesting themes which could be properly explained!!!...can't wait


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