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The battle for Terminator begins

Terminator.jpgThe latest news on the fight for the right to continue the franchise of Terminator is hotting up. Before we heard that it was only Lionsgate that had the offer on the table to buy the rights, but there's another offer, and this one's from a big studio, a serious one, a studio with delivery channels that extend further than just cinema or DVD and Blu-ray, this could be a winning deal.

The studio waited until the final eligible day to place bids on the franchise, and so far there's only knowledge of one other bid, the Lionsgate one.

So who was the name? Sony. Now to a fan of the franchise, even if some of them have been poor films, this would seem to be the better option, however it depends which way you would like the franchise to go.

I see two options at this point for the franchise, let's forget the bidding for the moment. The first is to see it continue with the big budget, big effects spectacular that it's become. It doesn't necessarily have to get bigger, but to keep the multiple Terminators going and stay in the future, or return to our time with an army of Terminators (both have been touted as possible ways to go after Terminator Salvation (Filmstalker review)) then it needs money and big names, Sony can provide that. Not only can Sony provide that but they can also ensure that the film gets a huge release.

There's another option though, and when I started thinking about a big budget, Sony backed project I thought back to the original film, the beginning of the franchise, and remembered how cheaply and how well that was done in comparison to the rest.

Could Lionsgate turn the whole franchise around, and through sheer economics and size produce something akin to the original? Could they revitalise the franchise without the need for lot's of cash?

We'll know who wins sometime soon, according to Variety the rights for the assets of Terminator including future films, television series, DVD's, Blu-rays, digital copies and merchandise, go to the auction on Monday and there'll be a bankruptcy hearing two days later for Halcyon Group, those selling the rights.

Which Terminator would you want to see?



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