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The Crow remake continues

TheCrow.jpgStephen Norrington has been talking about his controversial remake of The Crow, I say controversial because most fans of the original film can't see any reason at all to remake the film and a lot of those fans feel less than positive thoughts towards Norrington's films, particularly The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which I still defend to this day.

Although the film is not yet “greenlit” by the studio, it is moving forward, and Norrington has revealed that casting discussions are happening and the producer and visual effects teams are in discussions. This production looks more than a new story now.

Remember back to the stories though, and the usual spin that comes with the idea of a remake of The Crow – it's not a remake, it's a re-imagining of the idea behind it, etc.

Stephen Norrington, who is writing and plans to direct this version of The Crow, has revealed that the script is complete and that it would probably happen before the film version of The Lost Patrol that he's also been working on.

”The producer and visual effects people are crunching numbers...We've opened discussions with major cast but nothing is final yet.”

Later in the Mania.com article through Cinema Blend he does go on to talk about preparing for filming in the summer, but he cautions this with something that could apply to the entire project, any film in fact:

”Cast and budget and schedules will no doubt continue to adjust all equations.”

It's still up in the air, especially since the studio haven't actually decided yet if they want to make it. Mind you, they are moving on down the line aren't they?

There's also an interesting point made in the article, that this is actually the fifth outing of the character of The Crow in some cinematic version. So with that in mind is it such heresy that Stephen Norrington is actually planning this film?

Let's not forget that there is actually source material for the production to go back to, the verison by Alex Proyas featuring Brandon Lee is not the only story about The Crow out there, and was not the first.

The Crow was created in the comics in the eighties and reinvented in 1989 before the 1994 film. Shouldn't we wait and see what comes out of it before having too much of a dig at the idea?



The comic book The Crow, was a loveletter to a dead lover. O Barr poured a lot of grief anguish, pain and love into those pages. It was a form of therapy for him and when one reads through it and finishes the book, there is a feeling that youve just experienced what he poured into it. The film version should have been a one off. The story itself is self contained and its PREMISE of revenge is a shallow one which you just cant turn into three movies and keep interesting no matter what way you look at the damned thing. There shouldnt be a need for three or four or even five movies about EXACTLY THE SAME THING!!!!The shark producers recognised in The Crow something which would work for them as a repeat performer money wise and it has worked out just great for them. Everyone should boycott this movie.

Only 1 actor should be considered for this role. Christian Bale. He's dark, compelling, and has a strong presence. Everyone else would be a joke. The only other requirement is to make it much more darker than the first. No one-liners, no dark humor. Just make it a revenge film that is based on extreme, violent vengeance.

i think the remake is a naff idea and should never have been give the go ahead in the first place it should be boycotted but hey the greedy money making [expletive removed - Richard] are not going to listen to us they just see the £ signs in there eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if they are gonna remake the crow i think they should use an unknown actor. noone can be as good as brandon lee. i am the biggest fan of the crow i saw it exactly 50 time at the movies (i counted) then i bought it right away and saw it who knows how many times i still watch it every once in a while till this day it has to be my favorite movie. i dont think any known actor can do justice to the role and since this movie has so many fans it wont do it any justice if a know acter plays the role. i believe if u get a good unknown actor it may be more believable and as we all know the best movies are the ones u can get into and i dont believe that if u have a well know actor u can do that.


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