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Update: The Woman in Black remake, original online

TheWomaninBlack.jpgThe Woman in Black is to be made…again. Originally a novel by Susan Hill, the British television film made by Central and Granada was a very successful film, stated as some as one of the creepiest films that they've seen.

Well the report is that Hammer Films have obtained the rights to create another film from the bestselling novel and there's a director and scriptwriter attached. What's more is that the combination of writer and director sounds extremely promising.

Friends who have seen this 1989 made for television film do rate it, and I'm sure that some of them would be very concerned to see the film being remade by the new incarnation of Hammer.

Although Hammer Films haven't really come back with a blast, it's really the news of who is writing and directing that's bringing some strength to this project.

The scripwriter is Jane Goldman, she co-wrote Stardust (Filmstalker review) and Kick-Ass with Matthew Vaughn, and together with a number of other writers they wrote the upcoming The Debt, all three big films, and Stardust definitely was the better for her writing.

James Watkins is the director, he previously directed and wrote Eden Lake, and also co-wrote My Little Eye, Gone and The Descent: Part 2.

So there's and interesting mix there, and the two talents will surely co-write the script, or at least Watkins will add his elements and style prior to directing, and neither seem like a bad thing.

The big concern would be that the creepiness would be lost from the tale in terms of all out horror and perhaps even 3D, I'm hoping neither happen and they can just make it very scary, very creepy and hugely atmospheric. Am I asking too much?

The story of The Woman In Black follows a young lawyer who is sent to a remote village to take care of a deceased client's affairs. Once there he sees a mysterious woman dressed only in black, a figure which leads him to uncover a terrible secret.

It wouldn't be a surprise to learn from the Variety article through ShockTillYouDrop, which doesn't provide the link to the Variety article, that Vertigo films are involved in the production, and that means Roy Lee, the man who has adapted so many Asian horror films for Hollywood.

What do those who have seen The Woman in Black think? Is this a good thing that we're seeing a modern remake?

The Woman in Black entire film online
Want to see the entire The Woman in Black from 1989 online? Well if you can stand watching it part by part, it's all available right over on YouTube - note that this will start playing the opening part and playlist through each until the film is completed, very handily set-up. Enjoy, and thanks to Dave for the link.



I love the novel and the TV movie. Very strong story with a great English spooky feel that you rarely get. I've not seen the stage play but hear it is fantastic so I have high hopes for another movie. Hope they keep the TV movie soundtrack though - it was spot on.


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