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Treasure Island in Sherlock Holmes style

TreasureIsland.jpgIt seems all old works are going to be up for what is being called the “Sherlock Holmes” treatment since it earned money at the box office it seems many studios are now reworking their spreadsheets to add another positive column for “classic novels filmed multiple times”.

Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island (Amazon.co.uk \ Amazon.com) is the next to be hit with the formula as one of the production companies behind Nowhere Boy task on the task.

While Ecosse Films are busy adapting Nowhere Boy into a stage play, they've decided to have a look at adapting Treasure Island for an update, and they've hired writer Niall Johnson for the task, he previously wrote White Noise with Michael Keaton.

According to Variety through Empire, the idea is to update the story for modern audiences just like they did with Sherlock Holmes, and to do that they are going to turn the story to focus more on the relationship between Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins, and turn Silver in a hipper character much like Sherlock Holmes became in the recent film.

Treasure Island has already been made into various versions, I mean the story of pirates, buried treasure, deceit, morality and coming of age, has even been a Muppet film, and a funny one at that – mind you aren't they all funny?

However I hope they are forgetting all about Sherlock Holmes when they start creating this film and it'll become it's own remake rather than lying in the shadow of Sherlock Holmes and always being compared to that remake.



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