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Welsh's Magnificent Eleven gains Robert Vaughn?

RobertVaughn.jpgIt was back in May of last year that we heard about Irvine Welsh working on an adaptation of the Magnificent Seven as a modern day tale - the story of a struggling amateur football team that have to protect the local tandoori restaurant from a gang of thugs.

Now there's some casting mentioned, and the names not only include Sean Bean and Dougray Scott, but also one man from the original Magnificent Seven film, Robert Vaughn.

One of the writers, John Adams, said of The Magnificent Eleven:

"Having worked with Irvine Welsh on his feature film Good Arrows, I am certain that the team we have assembled for The Magnificent Eleven can deliver a quality feature film with massive commercial potential."

So it sounds like the film is moving forward, and the casting could well be happening so we could genuinely see Robert Vaughn return, and the idea of Irvine Welsh modernising The Magnificent Seven, is a strange one indeed.

When we first heard about it the story was that it was to be a comedy, and that still looks set to be the tone for the film according to the article in ScreenDaily through First Showing, but I'm still not convinced.

While I do like the attraction of a modernised version of the story, I'm not so sure that the comedy aspect is going to work, and the direction that Welsh is likely to take it might not suit those who love the original.

Still, the film is going ahead, and the casting is sounding strong already. I'm keen to give it a go, aren't you?



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