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Wesley Snipes returning to Blade 4?

WesleySnipes.jpgI really hope that this suggestion that Wesley Snipes is set to return to a new Blade film, and that there’s going to be a new Blade film, turns out to be true, for the character, the actor and the films are exceedingly enjoyable and good fun.

While he’s been out talking about the new film he’s starring in, Brooklyn’s Finest, a film that hopefully will project him back to the fore, he revealed that there has been talk about a fourth Blade, but how much?

The question isn’t really answered by the news from AITH through HorrorMovies.ca, and what we really need to know is whether this is Wesley Snipes talking about the idea of a Blade IV, perhaps asking about it and suggesting it himself, or if he’s been approached about the possibility.

Remember, and this is something that I’ve talked about time and time again, with the new spread of online reporting it’s easy for an actor to plant the seeds of an idea about them appearing in a role, and we’ve seen it time and time again, Ryan Reynolds has done it himself and it’s worked out well, so is Snipes doing it here?

If he’s not then there’s the chance that he really has been approached about a fourth Blade and we might see him return to the character. Considering the current trend of Hollywood on remakes and reboots, it wouldn’t be surprising if they followed this route, although perhaps a reboot would be more to their liking.

What would you want to see? A reboot with a new actor and starting a new, younger franchise? Or would you prefer to see Snipes return to the role?



I would like to see Snipes return. He suits the role perfectly.

Blade Trinity was an awful addition to the Blade films and I remember feeling dissapointed as Blade II was extremely enjoyable and an improvemt, I thought, on the first film.

With the success of vampires in cinema (and TV) being hot at the moment it would only feel right to have Blade return from the shadows once again.

So a third in the Blade series with Snipes. What then? A reboot with someone new? Mind you, Snipes is pretty fit, perhaps we could see a few more from him yet.

Wesley snipes is the person that could play blade. The tv series they had or blade was very very awful. So It just proves snipes is the only perfect person for the role. If they do make a new blade I would truly love to see it. Yes, the third one was a bit different, but that's how they wanted it because of Ryan Reynolds. I really would like to see a blade 4. I would like to see how blade would play out on how the third one ends as drac saying the thirst always wins. They could very much so make a very good blade movie playing off of that. I hope they make a new one. I always thought they would, let's see it happen.

It would be cool to have Wesley Snipes come back he is the best

I hate when someone tries to remake a film and modernize it with what they think is cool. Snipes should be the only Blade and there should be a sequel. No reboots and no remakes.

I am so glad to hear the comments coming back in favour of Snipes. Let's hope he's got Internet access.

The Idea of a blade IV is awsome but only if wesley snipes is blade its like he was born to play this role not to mention he perfectly excuted blade and blade II he did amazing in blade trinity only i didnt like how little action was in the movie. honestly i think the director and writers of underworld still the best vampire movies ever filmed should be in charge of a blade IV


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