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Closed: Win free tickets to Hilde at the Glasgow Film Festival!

GlasgowFilmFestival.jpgPlanning on attending the Glasgow Film Festival? Well even if you weren't, on Filmstalker you can get two tickets to see Hilde as part of the Glasgow Film Festival in February.

How to win them? Listen, it couldn't be easier. Seriously it's ridiculously easy and your chances of winning are very high. First, let's see what you could win tickets for, and there are two pairs of tickets for two different films to be won.

There are two pairs of tickets up for grabs for the showing of Hilde on Tuesday the 23rd of February at 6pm at Glasgow's Cineworld as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

Hilde is the biographical story of Hildegard Knef, one of Germany's biggest post-war stars. She began studying acting in 1940 aged just fourteen, and appeared in several films before the fall of the Third Reich, films which weren't released until after World War II.

In one of her most controversial roles she performed the first nude scene in German film history, appearing in Die Sünderin (The Sinner). This caused a huge scandal and uproar with the Roman Catholic Church protesting very publicly. She simply responded:

"I can't understand all that tumult - five years after Auschwitz!"

Here's what the Glasgow Film Festival site has to say about the film:

"In this compelling biography Heike Makatsch gives a knockout performance as Knef, who walked out of the rubble of post-war Berlin and embarked on a career so amazing it could only be true. Infamous for appearing in the first nude scene in German cinema and called 'the best singer without a voice' by Ella Fitzgerald, Knef's adventures in Hollywood, on Broadway and back home in her beloved Germany is the stuff of showbiz legend. A classy support cast includes Monica Bleibtreu and Michael Gwisdek."

The talented Heike Makatsch is playing her in the film, most of us will recognise her from the sultry husband seducer in Love Actually, and amongst the strong German cast is the equally talented Monica Bleibtreu. The film itself is adapted from Hildegard Knef's autobiography and is receiving a lot of positive comments already.

It's easy to win, first up just look through the terms and conditions and make sure you're happy with them:

Your details will be added to the GFF database from which you can unsubscribe at any time.
Prizes cannot be transferred or used in conjunction with any other offer.
Employees of any of the partner organisations cannot enter this competition.
GFF retains the right to change or withdraw the terms and conditions of this promotion at their discretion.

Okay? That done? Next you obviously have to be in Glasgow on the 23rd of February so that you can pick up the tickets and attend the screening.

The next part is the hardest part, and if you have an internet connection it's easy. Answer the following question, select the email link beneath it, and reply with the answer and your name and address before the closing date of the 14th of February 2010.

What German film, famous for the continually running woman, starred Monica Bleibtreu as a blind nun?

That is a really easy question, and remember the internet is your friend if you are stuck! Here's the email link to select and reply with:

Get entering and you could be going to the Glasgow Film Festival for free to see the excellent Hilde.



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