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Writer talks Escape From New York remake

SnakePilskin.jpgNot only is Allan Loeb willing to talk about the new film but he's revealed that if Kurt Russell wants back in there's a cameo for him, that is if the studio say yes. He also talked a little more about the film and revealed what the hopes for this remake.

The good news is that it's not planned as a one off cheap production, it seems everyone learned a lesson with the sequel, Escape from L.A., a very big lesson.

Well I say planned, but if you read the words of Allan Loeb carefully, it doesn't seem as though he's talking on anyone's behalf apart from his own, so stick that position in your mind as you start to read his comments:

”I see it as a big movie...I see it as possibly, hopefully the beginning of a franchise.”

I would hope for that too if I'd written it, but there's no official word from the studio, and the article from MTV through JoBlo does say that he can't reveal much because it's still in development, but he does say that New Line agree on the idea that this is a restart to the franchise, possibly.

”I know tried with Escape from L.A. a few years back and it didn't work out but try, try again Hollywood. I definitely think of it as a big movie. I think New Line agrees the possibility of a franchise, and bringing back Snake Plissken is very exciting.”

He is excited about bringing Snake back, as are we all, but I have to say he's talking to the wrong people about the film when he says that no one remembers what the film was about, just Kurt Russell's eye patch. I can remember what the film was about, remember the other actors and the story, can't you?

When asked if there was any reason that Kurt Russell wouldn't be returning for a cameo, he said:

”The only reason I would think is if Kurt didn't want to do it...I'd be the first to jump on my computer and find the cameo for you.”

I actually don't think that sounds too positive for a cameo, and I wonder if Russell would want to return to a film with his own iconic performance at the fore and not play the same character again do you?



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