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Writers Guild Awards announce winners and big name exclusions

Book.jpgThe Writers Guild of America have announced the winners of their yearly awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Adapted Screenplay, and to be honest there's not a lot of surprises, but they are great choices.

It's worth noting that the winners of these awards are great indicators of who will win the corresponding Oscars, and even without that statistic I think it's very clear that these two scripts will be the winners come the Oscars, let's see if you're right.

Best Original Screenplay has been won by Mark Boal's The Hurt Locker (Filmstalker review) while Best Adapted Screenplay has been taken by Jason Reitman and Sheldon Turner's Up in the Air (Filmstalker review).

Mark Boal was...

"...honored and stunned..."

...and credited Kathryn Bigelow, who he did at the BAFTAs too, of course he wrote the amazing script, and he should take some credit for it.

Interestingly though the Variety article points out that the Writers Guild have excluded a number of scripts that are eligible in the Oscars and many other awards ceremonies. For Original Screenplay both Inglourious Basterds (Filmstalker review) and Up were both excluded, and for Adapted Screenplay District 9 (Filmstalker review), An Education and In the Loop.

Now that's a surprise, those are some big scripts. So although I think the two picked winners are deserving, some stiff competition has just been ignored because of the rules that the Writer's Guild have, according to the article...

"...only screenplays penned under its jurisdiction or that of an affiliate writers guild..."

...are allowed to be entered. Mmmm. Even playing field then?



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