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Zonad trailer online

Zonad.jpgThere's a new trailer online for Zonad, and it looks superbly funny. It's the story of a small Irish village that witnesses a comet landing one night, and then the arrival of a strange looking humanoid alien.

Of course it's not really an alien, actually he's an escaped convict from the nearby prison who is hiding out under the guise of being a superhero, and yet the residents want to believe so much that they do.

The film looks a lot of fun, there's no doubt of that, and it's an Irish production, so two massive reasons to be going to see the film. Let's just leap into the trailer straight away that comes through Quiet Earth:

John Carney directed Zonad from a script co-written by himself and Kieran Carney. Simon Delaney plays the lead of Zonad.

What did you think of it after watching the trailer? Could this be a surprise comedy hit of the year? It certainly has potential, and I love the appearance of the “super” villain who is no doubt going to just be an average guy or a fellow inmate.



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