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24 the film, one step closer or finished?

24_Poster.jpgNews has arrived that will upset fans of the television series 24, the long running show is going to end for good at eight series with the decision apparently taken jointly between executive producers Kiefer Sutherland, Howard Gordon, and the studios Twentieth Century Fox Television, Imagine Entertainment and Fox Broadcasting Company.

So the 24 television show is at an end, and that brings sadness and happiness for the show had its ups and downs, but the question now is what's going to happen to the film version? That questions seems to be left pretty open despite the huge news that the television show is ending.

Here's what Jack Ba...Kiefer Sutherland had to say for the announement:

”This has been the role of a lifetime, and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. While the end of the series is bittersweet, we always wanted 24 to finish on a high note, so the decision to make the eighth season our last was one we all agreed upon. This feels like the culmination of all our efforts from the writers to the actors to our fantastic crew and everyone at Fox. Looking ahead to the future, Howard Gordon and I are excited about the opportunity to create the feature film version of 24. But when all is said and done, it is the loyal worldwide fan base that made it possible for me to have the experience of playing the role of Jack Bauer, and for that I am eternally grateful.”

There's nothing else that refers to a film version, and it's rather obviously missing from the other producer and studio comments. Everything else reads as though the studio is done with 24 but Kiefer Sutherland isn't.

What do you read into it? You can read all the statements over at Deadline Hollywood Daily, but the surprising thing is the lack of cohesive commentary on the film version.

Surely the marketing company must have said, if you're going to be stopping the television series it would make sense to keep talking about the film version and keep the buzz going. I would have thought they shouldn't have missed this opportunity to market the film idea some more and at least keep it alive in the minds of the audience, and yet they haven't.

I'm just guessing here, but are the studios far from keen on the idea and it's just Kiefer Sutherland himself who wants the film? Certainly feels that way from these statements. I wonder if he realises that and is set on pushing the character elsewhere?

I could see Jack Bauer and the team going elsewhere and creating a film series, in fact that's the perfect place for him, and ending the current run of the 24 hour format is the right way to go, but is it just Sutherland that wants this?



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