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9to5: Days in Porn new trailer online

9to5DaysinPorn.jpgThis has to be the longest time between trailers I've ever seen, it was back in September 2008 that I first wrote about this film and showed the trailer, and now there's a new one on the Internet and the first release date for the film, outside of festivals, is planned for Germany in July.

The film, although you may leap to conclusions about it, is in fact a documentary that follows a number of people through their normal, everyday lives in the porn industry. The film is not out tot latch onto the idea of porn, nor to glorify or condemn what these human beings have chosen to do with their lives, just to document it and tell their story.

The original trailer for the film was interesting enough, but then I caught the new trailer which has renewed my interest in the film.

It's just such a shame that the film hasn't had a decent release anywhere, and that's probably more down to the audience than anything else. Me? I'm keen to see the documentary, and understand something more about the people in the industry and what their lives really are like.

The taste of the new trailer is rather intriguing too, and I really like the style of the day after day, week after week, titles.

Have a look at it right here:

That's the new trailer for 9to5: Days in Porn, a year and a half almost since the first one I posted.

Here's the original blurb for the film I posted back then in a story I'm rather proud of writing, so do take a look over there for a read.

"Where does a girl who hasn't gone to college or even finished high school make more money than a doctor? Porn!" - Mark Spiegler, Agent

A teenager, who can't wait to turn eighteen and become a porn star. An agent, who knows the industry like the back of his hand but is "not in it for the money". A student, who gives up her political science studies to pursue a career in American adult entertainment. A married couple, that performs, produces and directs hardcore pornographic movies. A caring mother and wife, who is an idol among porn actors and consumers for her extreme sex scenes. And a former punk, who has played with the same band for the last twenty years and is known as the busiest man in the valley.

Who are these people that earn their money having sex for the cameras? What motivates them? Is it just a job or a way of life?

The film depicts the stories of several characters behind this multi-billion industry from Prague to San Fernando Valley. It unveils moments, from glamorous to grotesque, strange to fascinating, with offensive, absurd and sometimes funny moments happening all at once.

Filmed over a period of more than a year and structured like an episodic movie, the stories weave together. Each of them is different - unadorned and authentic, without glorification or prejudice. Disturbingly close and intimately moving, it delivers deep insight into the protagonists' lives in - and outside - of the adult entertainment industry.

You can read that original article right here on Filmstalker, as well links to the original trailer, there are links to additional scenes on the web, the official site, and some great quotes from the director and producers who talk about the intention of the film.

There's a lot in commentary there, and I urge you to have a look at it, for it's really not what you would perhaps think. For me, I'm still keen to see the film, and I hope I get the chance.



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