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American: The Bill Hicks Story red band trailer online

BillHicks.jpgA red band trailer has arrived for American: The Bill Hicks Story (Filmstalker review), now that means that the trailer is only suitable for adults and will offend, corrupt, burn out your eyeballs and/or melt your skin. The trailer does none of these, and frankly I think it's a farce that it's even suggested this should be red band and try and restrict it's showing.

No restrictions here though, as I deem it suitable for all, so dive right in. I reviewed the film just recently and I loved it, really I loved it. I thought it was one of the best documentaries I've seen in some time, imaginative, captured the heart and the mind, and made you feel for one of the best comedians and philosophers we may have missed.

Bill Hicks, ladies and gentlemen.

Here's the trailer for the film where you will see what they've done with that photo-animation style that has been so talked about, but don't fear, there's still raw footage from the concerts and interview footage with some of his closest friends.

This has reminded me just how much I loved the film and how well it's been edited together, not to mention the musical choices for the film. American: The Bill Hicks Story (Filmstalker review) is an excellent film and well worth watching.



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