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Another King Arthur film from The Losers director?

SylvainWhite.jpgThere's a double edge to this story, and I'll tackle the obvious one first, that there's another King Arthur story on the way. The second is that with Sylvain White being called out as the potential director for this new epic adventure, and that suggests that his work on The Losers has turned out well. Here's hoping that's true.

The new film is Pendragon, a story about the first meeting of the characters of Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, and the other knights.

The screenplay comes from Lee Shipman and Brian McGreevy and although it still seems a strange choice to see someone like Sylvain White taking up the directorial role, he's certainly going in the right direction after The Losers.

I've always talked about how much I love the story of The Losers in comic book form and I've been very vocal about the choice of White for director, concerned to say the least. However as footage has arrived I've started to get more and more interested and started to really believe that White could deliver something to do the comic story justice.

The news that he could be set to take on another great adventure comes from L.A. Times through JoBlo and would certainly suggest that the studio and production teams are more than happy with what he's produced, maybe we will be too.

There's already a couple of King Arthur films on the go, and both sound really exciting and big budgeted, and this would make a third, adding to the films that are coming out about the medieval time.

I can't say I'm that excited about the idea of Pendragon, looking at the young versions of the characters, but what I am interesting in is what this means for The Losers. It certainly means that White hasn't done a bad job on the film, but has he done a good one?



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