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Another Marco Polo film?

MarcoPolo.jpgMarco Polo is getting another film treatment, although this one looks set to Hollywood-ise his life story instead of telling the true story of his adventure.

That said, Francis Lawrence is looking to direct the film, so “fantasy-adventure” or not, it'll be a a entertaining and exciting film at least.

Apparently the plot of the film is being kept secret, but it seems as though it will feature Marco Polo's adventure to the Orient, although not the Orient from the history books:

”We see this as something that takes place in the Orient of our imagination amid the cultural clash of the East and the West.”

Is what one of the writers, Adam Cooper, had to say about it to Variety through Coming Soon. The other writer of the story is Bill Collage, however they don't actually have a script as yet, this is one of the pitches that is yet to be developed. With that in mind, Francis Lawrence will most definitely have a back out clause should the script turn out to not be the film he thought he was going to be directing.

It's interesting that the writing duo two other projects on the go that are about the re-imagining (can we say reboot?) of characters from history, although this markes the first one that is actually based on fact. The other two pitches are for a new Moby Dick story and a new film about Moses. Those scripts are getting equal high visibility with Timur Bekmambetov set to direct Moby Dick.

It's not the only Marco Polo film though, there is another one that we heard about back in November of 2008, that one is a factual one that will be more of a biographical look at the life of the traveller and discoverer. What's exciting about that one is that it's being directed by Sergei Bodrov – who's he you may ask? Well he's the man who wrote and directed Mongol, the film to tell the first part of the story of Genghis Khan.

While I think Francis Lawrence is a great director, I have to say that the more factual story of the man who travelled across Asia for some twenty four years during the reign of Kublai Khan, and who was asked to serve as Khan's own ambassador during some of that time, is sounding the better project.



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