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Another new Kick-Ass trailer

HitGirl-KickAss.jpgWhile I was away another new Kick-Ass trailer arrived on the scene, and this one has a much more frantic pace to it and delivers a few more scenes that we haven't yet...well...seen.

This trailer really goes for the tone of the entire film and delivers all the characters in swift cuts, straight to the point. From here on in there'll be nothing to do but wait for the film.

What a wait it will be, for the trailers and the pre-hype are building Kick-Ass to be something amazing, and something that is set to kick the afore-hinted at arse of other superhero films.

You can see the latest trailer right here, and if the desire takes you, which it should, you can also see it over a Apple Trailers in high definition.

I'm quite the fan of Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman, and I would think that a lot of people are, for we've seen Stardust (Filmstalker review) and Layer Cake (Filmstalker review), and both are superb films and Goldman co-wrote Stardust. It seems for Kick-Ass we have a winning combination. Is he, and are they, going to continue their winning streak?



Saw Kick Ass last week. Totally rocked. Seeing it again on Tuesday. Can't wait. It's been a while since I was giddy in the cinema as the lights dimmed, but in the space of two weeks there was Shutter Island and Kick Ass. Good times.

Glad to hear that it had that effect on you. Did it hold you throughout the film? It doesn't lose power after the kid superhero part fades away?

I had read the comic book (not graphic novel, I don't care about elitism, comic books are great) just a couple weeks before, so it was cool to see the different path the stories take (as the film was written before the comic was finished). The best I can describe it as is 'insanely sublime'.


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