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Another Showgirls film?

Showgirls.jpgRemember that really bizarre and scary trailer from that Showgirls sequel? The one that made little sense and looked nothing to do with the original? Well one of the actresses in the first film that was originally connected with the sequel has turned away from it and is going to make her own sequel.

Yes, you heard right, there are now going to be two Showgirls sequels, neither of them by Paul Verhoeven, and both of them will be led by first time directors.

The trailer for the new Showgirls film, currently being called Showgirls: The Return, destined for a release to disc or perhaps even Internet, looked bizarre and didn't conjure up any images of the first film, and the story was originally to follow the character from the first film, Penny Hope, and her story told in flashback as she's killed and her brother comes to find out why, drugs, excess, etc.

Apparently the actress who played Penny Hope and was set to star in this film realised how far away from the original it was going to be, what was intended for her character, and also just how big the audience for the film was. So she left the production and headed off to make her own version.

The actress, Rena Riffel explained through Twitch from the media announcement on the official site, why she backed out of the project and what she plans for her new film.

”Some media outlets have been reporting and posting about a SHOWGIRLS follow-up feature called SHOWGIRLS 2, which I am not affiliated with, in any way, shape or form. I'll admit, I was contacted by the German SHOWGIRLS fan-turned-"Hollywood director" to star in his first feature film. However, it was so horrifically graphic and out of the show's original story theme that I needed to withdraw from those talks.”

Well that's pretty clear cut, and you have to admire her pride for the original, and let's face it there are plenty of fans for the original and those that think the film was rubbish do need to think about them when considering why there's this second film. Riffel believes that there is a place for a better film that honours the original and that she can make it.

”I am officially working on my own SHOWGIRLS follow-up feature film...

...My film is titled SHOWGIRL, being that I am the last and only "showgirl" still keeping that flame alive. It's sort of a..."What ever happened to Penny Hope?" - fifteen years later, story. SHOWGIRL is my take on what becomes of a thirty-something year-old stripper who is still obsessed with dancing and fame.

We are planning on shooting this coming summer and are still searching for a few of our leading and supporting characters to round out the cast. SHOWGIRLS' fans will be pleased to learn that some of the original cast members have agreed to be in SHOWGIRL, and some of my MULHULLAND DRIVE cast members will appear as well. It is my hope to work with my SHOWGIRLS friends Gina Gershon and Elizabeth Berkley again too. And, I am even thinking about giving my former STRIPTEASE co-star friend Demi Moore a call.

You could say I'm pulling a "Barbra Streisand." SHOWGIRL is my YENTL, because I will be writing, directing and starring! We are securing major funding and working with top production talent, like the original post production team who did the original SHOWGIRLS. It's pretty exciting and amazing. Stay tuned for more news coming soon!”

Well you have to admit that's a good speech, perhaps a little optimistic to get all those star names involved, but she's not claiming anything too over the top at the moment, but she's saying what she would like the new film to be and what she would like for it. Aim high I say.

More than that she's created a teaser for the film, it's a promotional teaser and is just made up of what could be since there's nothing else to the production just yet, but it's an idea.

You've got to admire her for taking control of things rather than letting someone else make the sequel, but will it garner the audience? Can it really get the fans of the original involved? I do believe that's going to take some of the original stars and a much bigger production than the one imagined so far...and some stronger acting.



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