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Aronofsky directing Jolie in lumberjack film?

AngelinaJolie.jpgThe news is all go on Angelina Jolie this week, and the latest is that she and Darren Aronofsky are in negotiations to work together on developing a film from the Ron Rash book Serena: A Novel. The book tells the story of Serena and George Pemberton who create a timber empire in 1929 North Carolina.

Looking at the original outline in the story it would seem a tale of a strong woman overcoming hardship and being the driving force behind her man to defeat hardship and win out in the end, with probably a few heartaches and struggles on the way. Then there’s the talk of Aronofsky directing.

The idea of the Serena: A Novel adaptation doesn’t really set me on fire, but then reading some of the gushing commentary about the story (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) it seems that this is a strong story, words such as gorgeous, brutal, powerful, arresting, masterful, epic, terrifying, hypnotic, beautiful, and so on are used to describe the book.

The intriguing idea is that Darren Aronofsky would be directing Angelina Jolie in this story, making it something more than the expected period costume triumph over adversity for a woman in a time when women weren’t meant to be strong, story.

As an aside, while the story in The Hollywood Reporter talks about the star power of Angelina Jolie, it does also mention that Universal “insiders” - anything from the tea lady upwards – say that Wanted 2 is not dead just because she left it. In my mind that would be the case, although the studio would be looking for a rewrite to take her character out of the script, it's not a project that they would just drop considering how well the original did.



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