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Arthur remake finds director

DudleyMore-JohnGielgud.jpgThe remake of Arthur has it's director, and the choice hasn't really eased my concerns about the project, concerns that first came alive when they announced that they were remaking the touching and superbly acted film starring Dudley Moore, Liza Minnelli and John Gielgud.

Now we're set to see Russell Brand take over the Dudley Moore role and already my concerns are up that the subtlety and the human touch of the film will fade for loud, bodily function based jokes, and over the top performances.

Of course there was loud humour in the first, but what was different is that the film was really touching and really managed to capture the emotional side of the character, and you really feel for him. I'm scared the American remake will just go for the formulaic laughs.

Now we're hearing from The Hollywood Reporter that the director who has been attached to the film is Jason Winer, a television director who has completed ten episodes of Modern Family, apparently a series that is getting a lot of recognition in the U.S., that is until they move it around in the schedules and cause the audience to lose it.

Peter Baynham has written the script for remake, also called Arthur, and he's previously written Brüno (Filmstalker review) and Borat, so you can see why my concerns are high.

Arthur is a wonderful film that gained a fair few nominations and awards, and there were great performances from all involved, as well as a superb story. I just hate to think what Hollywood can do with it, or what the writer of Borat and Brüno already has.



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