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Avatar on Blu-ray to multi-dip?

Avatar.jpgIt looks like my usual words of advice will be appearing on the first release of a big film on Blu-ray, wait. I say that again for the Avatar (Filmstalker review) release, for the biggest film comes to Blu-ray with nothing more than the cinematic release.

Actually let's correct that, less than the cinematic release, for it's not even going to be in the special James Cameron 3D.

The good news is that the UK audience will manage to get something else, on the 26th of April, just four days after the US release, we'll get a version (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) that has, and I quote:

”...4 lenticular art cards and a ‘Survival Guide’ book.”

Wow. I do mean that incredibly flatly. For the biggest film ever with such a huge spectacle and cinema redefining moment, we get a book and some cards. Not a good release, not a good release at all.

According to a comment in the DVD Times article someone points out that the L.A. Times has mentioned the possibility of a release of DVD and Blu-ray that will be a Special Edition and carry the extras that aren't being issued on this release.

To be fair it's nothing that surprising is it? We've seen this happen again and again with releases, bare bones version, a Special Edition, sometimes a Director's Cut, and maybe even another one after that, and with Avatar that's surely going to happen because we'll have a 3D version won't we?

I say hold off until we get the next edition, because there's surely got to be tons and tons of content available from that film, hasn't there? Behind the scenes, making of footage, we've even seen the original script out there, why isn't that on an additional disc?

Will you wait? Would you even go so far as to say you'd wait for the 3D release when the equipment is available for your own home? Something that's not far off.



Not to mention the forthcoming cinema re-release with extra scenes - I think Fox won't be happy until they have all of the money in the world.


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