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Bean joins Fleming Commando film

SeanBean.jpgAge of Heroes is the film that will be following the true story of the time that Sir Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, spent with the 30 Commando unit, the team that was to become the start of the SAS, and now we're hearing that there's some cast assigned, and it's a real mixed bag.

The cast list goes from Danny Dyer to Sean Bean, and it's exciting that it's going to be a British cast but at the same time there's a gulf in those two names.

The cast announcement is that Sean Bean is joining the existing cast of Danny Dyer, Rosie Fellner and Aksel Hennie for Age of Heroes.

Adrian Vitoria is directing the script he co-wrote with Ed Scates. It's not quite sure if the film is going to concentrate on the story of the formation of the SAS, or if it's going to focus on Ian Fleming's life while he was involved in the team. I suspect it'll be a mixture of two with Fleming being the international selling point for the film. Mind you, the idea of a film about the formation of the SAS is a brilliant one, not that they could really reveal too much of the secretive and elite squadron.

The film, if all goes well, is going to be the first in a trilogy according to the Variety report, with Age of Honor and Age of Glory following Age of Heroes. Again it's not entirely clear what the trilogy will tell us from the announcement, and it would be good to hear more.

Wait a moment, these are British films, so why the Age of Honor incorrect spelling instead of the proper English Age of Honour?! Hopefully that's just the American article.

Sean Bean is the name though that attracts my attention, a cracking actor who is hugely overlooked so often, and at the other end of the scale is the geezer Danny Dyer who is almost always playing the same character.

Mix indeed, but there's no word yet of who is playing Ian Fleming and how involved that character will be with the story.



are US navy SEALS considered to be better than the SAS?


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