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Bond girl and location set

FreidaPinto.jpgI totally missed the latest news about the next Bond film, that it already has a setting for the film and that Sam Mendes plans to make this a reinvention of the character…again. Not only that but there's also a new Bond girl already chosen.

I'm still a bit reluctant about this whole re-invention of Bond again, especially so soon since he was already successfully reinvented. Rather than look into the problem with the second film, which was definitely not the reinvention, the studio want to start all over again, except keeping the same Bond, something I think isn't right.

I don't know about you but I feel extremely cheated having been set on a path of a trilogy and then having the rug pulled from underneath me come the second film. It feels a little like Quantum of Solace (Filmstalker review) itself, where we have everything set up and then we're just shown the ultimate ending without actually exploring or explaining it properly.

For me what killed that film was the story telling, nothing else, and in particular the ending. Having chased the bad guy for the entire film we don't get to see him being captured, interrogated or revealing anything, we get the quick recap - oh he was caught, we did get all the answers, and we're leaving him and moving on. Ermmm, what answers? What's going on?

That's how I feel with the promised trilogy for the reinvention of Bond.

Now that the studio have deemed the second film to have failed, or at least not to have been as popular as they want, their answer is to reinvent it all again. Yes, I feel cheated.

However the good news is that Sam Mendes is directing, that the film is heading to Afghanistan for its story, and that according to Yahoo News through Latino Review, the new Bond girl is Freida Pinto from Slumdog Millionaire (Filmstalker review).

Apparently she has already signed the deal and an insider from British Tabloid The Daily Mirror, so take your salt shakers out now, said that Mendes is planning to reinvent the genre and that Pinto was the choice for Mendes for some time, except she was a little nervous about accepting.

Great choice for the film, although we've no idea what the role will be, but the location does suggest that we might see this latest Bond dropped right into real warfare, perhaps going for even more realism than we've seen before. Does that mean still no gadgets?



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