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Buck Rogers in 3D by Paul W.S. Anderson

BuckRogers.jpgWhile the fact that the co-writers of Iron Man and a possible upcoming Highlander remake, Art Marcum and Matt Holloway, wrote the story of Buck Rogers might suggest this could be a good adaptation of the old series and comic book, there's some news that has just arrived that suggests this isn't going to be the big film we thought. Paul W.S. Anderson.

Now while I could cite Event Horizon and Soldier as two films that are strong examples of his work to date, there are just as many mediocre and bad on that list, Alien vs. Predator, Death Race and the Resident Evil series for example, so will he be a good choice for a 3D Buck Rogers?

Paradox Entertainment are producing the new Buck Rogers film, and they're currently hard at work on Conan, so that's another slight positive there because they are going back to the source of Conan and building on that, pushing to the side the Conan film fans and relying on building something new. That in itself is a good sign of a direction and focus for the film that could cut away many possibilities of failure.

For with Buck Rogers, much like Conan, there have been a few iterations and differing visions, and the one we have come to know with most fondness is not the original version. Many of us will remember the 1979 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series, then there's the previous 1950 television series Buck Rogers and 1939 serial Buck Rogers which has seen re-release a number of times, and the original 1928 comic book character, so which one is the one we'll see?

There's no clear indication in the story from Variety about the new film, but they do say it most likely focuses on a modern day hero flung into the future and with Paul W.S. Anderson directing and the strong possibility of 3D being involved, I think we're leaning more towards the modern Buck Rogers in the 25th Century than anything else.

If that actually happens or not is anyone's guess right now, we'll have to wait for more details, but with Anderson directing I'm not sure we should be as hopeful as we once were for the film. Mind you, there's the fact that he nor his company are producing, and another production company who seem to have a strong idea of remakes and re-imaginings is being it, plus the writers suggest a strong script too. It's not looking as bad as it could be.

There's a chance here that Anderson could reclaim his former glory, even if you don't think it was that much in the first place. How do you feel about another Buck Rogers now?



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