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Burke and Hare behind the scenes with John Landis

JohnLandis.jpgJohn Landis has arrived in Edinburgh and has begun filming Burke and Hare starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, and with that film fans in the city have descended upon the sets to try and grab shots of the action, and some have been more successful than others.

I've pulled together some of the behind the scenes for you, showing Serkis and Pegg in action, some of the behind the scenes goings on, and even John Landis being cornered on film by one lucky fan who even asks him some rather pertinent questions concerning werewolves.

Thomson753089 is the lucky guy who managed to get close to the great John Landis as well as capture some on set filming from Burke and Hare. It's his moment with Landis though that is the most interesting, and does make me wish that he had managed to follow through on his questioning.

He asks Landis if he would consider a sequel to An American Werewolf in London, and asks why he gave up the rights and let An American Werewolf in Paris get made. Here's his video, and you can tell the guy is excited, after all who wouldn't be, it's John Landis!

I just wished he hadn't interrupted with An American Werewolf in Edinburgh, although it's something I've always thought would make a good film too, and given Landis the time to answer properly. I love the fact that he's so honest and admits that it was for the money though.

He also has some on set filming, which is rather interesting too:

Then there's a number of other crowd filmed set moments on the streets of Edinburgh, and if you haven't been to Edinburgh, this really is how it looks. Oh, and of course there's more of the cast and crew in there.

Do you have any more filming or photographs to share from the set? Let me know and you could see it up here too.



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