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Butch Cassidy and no Sundance Kid film

ButchCassidyandtheSundanceKid.jpgWe had heard that Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid was going to get the remake treatment, and the rumour was that Tom Cruise was in on the film, regardless you would have thought a Hollywood remake of that film would be coming and that two huge stars of the cinema screen right now would be making it to the final film. However that seems to have fallen by the wayside and another film is going to be first to resurrect the great characters.

However it's only resurrecting one, and the sequel will see one character die in that fateful shoot-out at the end of the original film, and one survive.

Butch Cassidy is the character who makes it out alive in a film called Blackthorn. He survives the shoot-out with Bolivian soldiers in the 1908 set film and continues on the story.

In the upcoming film, Sam Shepard will play the real life character of Robert LeRoy Parker who led the whole in the wall gang. According to USA Today the story sees Sundance dead and Cassidy considering one last robbery before he retires for good, and that sees him trying to return to the United States.

The film is being directed by the Spanish writer and director Mateo Gil who wrote Tesis, Abre los ojos (the film remade as Vanilla Sky) and Mar adentro, The Sea Inside. All great stories that turned out to be great films too, and I'd recommend seeing all three, in fact I might use them as some choices for the next Filmstalker Film Club.

However he didn't direct any of the films, but has directed five features. I wonder if this could be the film that matches his writing career.

The story doesn't tell us much more other than the film will be shooting in Bolivia, I should saying filming actually, other than that it's all the information we have for the moment. It's a damn fine choice of actor though, and this idea for a sequel seems far from unpleasant as many Hollywood sequels and prequels of older classics do, this one might just fit rather well, especially with Sam Shepard taking the lead.

I wonder if this film will spark Hollywood onto remaking the original Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid from 1969 and recast the two classic roles?



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