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Butler talks Machine Gun Preacher

GerardButler.jpgWhen I first heard about Machine Gun Preacher I thought it sounded a great story to tell, a Hells Angel known for raising trouble and dealing drugs finds religion and heads to Sudan, discovers the children being kidnapped and made into soldiers, picks up a gun and starts fighting to free them. Hence the title, Machine Gun Preacher, because he remained a religious man throughout.

Oh, and it's true. Now Gerard Butler, who is set to play the character, has been talking about the role and has revealed why he did it, for the same reasons it's captured our imaginations.

We heard about the film in January, and discovered that Gerard Butler was set to lead the film and Marc Forster was going to direct the story of Sam Childers. He was...actually let's hear Butler tell us himself.

Speaking to MTV, Gerard Butler talks about the film and its idea:

"Basically it's the story of-- this guy is still alive, I just spent time with him in Pennsylvania. His name is Sam Childers. He grew up a thug, a very violent guy. He was a drug dealer. And found god, found a new way. Started his own business...

...And then ends up down in Sudan, just goes down to stick some roofs on houses down there. He saw some of the most awful atrocities that were happening down there with these guerilla forces that would move in and kidnap the kids, kill the families. So he took it on himself to do something about it. Went back [to the United States], became a preacher in Pennsylvania, raises money and builds an orphanage down there to protect the kids and ends up joining forces with the southern Sudanese People's Liberation [Movement]...

...Picks up a machine gun and is fighting the rebels with guns, grenades, machine guns in order to go and rescue some of these kids. He basically became a warrior and lived both-- he's still a preacher back in Pennsylvania and he's still a warrior down in [Sudan.]"

It's the blurb we already knew, but straight from the actor himself and he makes it sound a lot more interesting. This guy actually became directly involved in the war but fighting for the rights of these children.

Machine Gun Preacher sounds a great idea for a film, and what's more a great idea for Gerard Butler and his career, a true story that brings together the emotional and action sides of his roles on the big screen to date. Personally I'd like to see more of these because he does come from a stage background and is well suited to much meatier roles than we've seen him in to date.



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