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Cameron talks Avatar Blu-ray box set

Avatar.jpgThere's been a lot of talk about the upcoming release of Avatar (Filmstalker review) on Blu-ray and DVD, and I was quite scathing of the fact that they were doing the first release without anything additional on either. However things look like they are going to be changing.

James Cameron has already been telling us about the proposed box set, and this should be another warning to consumers not to settle for the first release, for the Blu-ray box set sounds like it's going to be rather interesting.

Not only will we see the original film with some six minutes of restored footage - something that didn't exactly have my pants on fire, after all six minutes in the length of Avatar isn't that much is it? - but there's also going to be an additional version of the film.

This Blu-ray box set version will carry a branched version of the film that will incorporate a lot of scenes filmed, but never fully completed, dropped at various stages of the filming process.

Through The Hollywood Reporter James Cameron describes this like Disney films where you can see deleted scenes that are at various stages from drawn animation pop-up in the film to show you additional scenes that were never quite completed.

Now thinking of Avatar that means we could be seeing complete scenes filmed of the actors in their blue suits acting out the scenes on the stages, or the first pass of computer animation, and so on.

”So that's really more of a fan's exploration of what the movie might have been or a lot of the ideas that fed into it”

I really like that idea, thinking of the script I've been reading for the film there are quite a few scenes that could have been added in to add extra depth to some of the film and characters, but weren't necessarily needed in the final version.

That's not all though, according to the man himself we're going to be able to do comparisons of scenes from the finished article right back to the actors on stage with their strange suits on.

”And you're also going to be able to look at a scene and see the same scene with just the reference camera for the capture. Every scene may be what you saw in the final film, but it's just people in black leotards.”

Black, not blue Richard. We'll be able to follow Zoe Saldana acting out her character while watching the final scene, something I was hoping we were going to get to see to understand how much the actors put into the characters.

”That's when you really get what the process is...because you can talk about it for hours, or you can watch one scene in a picture-in-picture display and you will get it.”

What's more is that owners of the Blu-ray will receive a code and access online for more downloadable materials, as well as the option to adopt one of the million trees being planted around the world.

You had me at branching.

So the message is if you have Blu-ray, don't buy anything until that box set comes out.



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