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Captain America cast, so what?

CaptainAmerica.jpgWhile many of us were asleep, Captain America was cast. While America leaps up and down with excitement, I find it a bit of a non-event to be honest, after all I have no interest in a superhero leaping into foreign battle in the name of America, it all has the potential to either fall flat on its face or to be taken far too literally and politically, something that could well prove the death of the film.

Still, the casting has been decided, and it's Chris Evans. He of the Human Torch fame. Surprised? Excited? Non-plussed?

I find myself sitting in the latter camp. I struggle to see the relevance of the superhero with today's worldwide cinema audience, and I wonder how they are going to sell the story abroad.

Of course setting it back in World War II would help, but I still think the studio are going to be facing quite a struggle to sell this abroad. Sure it'll work in America, and some of Europe will buy into the straight story, but the rest of the world might demand an updated and more politically aware Captain America for The First Avenger: Captain America.

There's not much mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter Heat Vision story other than Chris Evans was offered the role, took a few days to think it over, and then leapt on it, and quite rightly too.

I think what that casting tells us is that they aren't going all out for the chiselled superhero, Evans isn't the perfect square jawed Captain America type, and what he is is a little softer and a little more accessible as an actor. Personally I think he's a good choice for the role, although there were a number of good choices out there.

Do you think that Captain America can work? Is Evans the right choice and will there be any baggage carried over from the Fantastic Four role?



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