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Cherrybomb destroys Weasley

RupertGrint.jpgRon Weasley is dead, long live Rupert Grint the actor, so says the trailer of Cherrybomb, for Grint's appearance in the film is really doing away with his association with the character right from the outset, and it's looking rather interesting and nothing like Hogwarts.

Directors Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn and writer Daragh Carville have created a film where two teenage friends and the girl that they are both after, and involved with, embark on a weekend of wild abandon from drinking to drug taking through to stealing cars, but it's not going to end there, in fact they can't seem to stop what they've begun.

That's an interesting plot, and well worth reading before you watch the trailer which, on it's own, doesn't do such a great job of selling the overall idea. What it does do is clearly set-up the tension between the three characters as Malachy, played by Rupert Grint, has fallen for Michelle, played by Kimberly Nixon, but his friend Luke, played by Robert Sheehan, thinks it's a game to steal her first and then share her with him.

You can see the tension between the characters rising and how that's going to grow and become something much more tangible and perhaps dangerous.

Here's the trailer for Cherrybomb through Empire.

When did he start smoking? On the set of Harry Potter? Anyway, what do you think of the actor? Good for Grint's career obviously, but will fans take to this new Grint?



Oh yes we have adapted quite well to the new roles. Rupert is super talented and he's much more than Ron Weasley. He's going places with his career. Cherrybomb is a low budget film but the acting is wonderful and Rupert is amazing in it so here's to Rupert and his future career!!

I agree, I think we're destined for good things from the actor Jo.


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