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Christian Alvart on Captain Future

CaptainFuture.jpgIf I'm being honest I have no idea who Captain Future is, but I do know who Christian Alvart is, and although I've been disappointed with his move to Hollywood so far and eagerly await seeing his second (or technically first) Hollywood film, I still have hope for him delivering something as special as his first, Antikörper (Antibodies - Filmstalker review).

So with his talk of his latest venture, Captain Future, I feel the hope and expectation rising, and that's despite knowing little about the film. One of the main reasons? It's coming from Germany.

Antikörper (Antibodies - Filmstalker review) was a great film, yes it had some flaws, but his third film, and the second in Hollywood, Pandorum (Filmstalker review), really brought my expectations of Christian Alvart's films down to earth with a thud.

There's still Case 39 though, and I haven't seen it yet, so maybe that'll surprise me.

Yet there's a little more hope for Captain Future, according to Quiet Earth who have Christian Alvart's comments, for Edmond Hamilton's science fiction novel (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com) is going to be adapted for the big screen and the script has been adapted with German film funding, and the production could well be heading away from Hollywood.

”I was a huge CAPTAIN FUTURE fan growing up. In elementary school I spent my whole allowance on the toys and the sticker collection which were quite a big deal in Germany. There was the popular Anime show in the 80's of course, but I also read all the original novels by Science Fiction pioneer Edmond Hamilton and loved them. It took us a couple of years to investigate and option the rights for the CAPTAIN FUTURE property and I'm very happy that we have the development financing together and are finally ready to move forward with the script.

We are developing CAPTAIN FUTURE as a big fun space opera for the whole family - hoping to recreate that same sense of excitement that I had discovering space through the CAPTAIN's eyes. There are many smart and adult ideas in the franchise for grown-ups to enjoy, but this will definitely be something they can take their kids to as well.”

Thanks to Twitch we hear the good news and he confirms that this is going to be a European film, with Alvart saying that:

”...this will be a big budget Science Fiction movie developed and produced out of Europe with an international cast. CAPTAIN FUTURE still has a huge fan base in countries like France (CAPTAIN FLAM), Italy (CAPITAN FUTURO) Germany and the UK.”

What's surprising is that they're talking about a sequel already, even if the script hasn't been written yet.

”...will be about Curtis Newton's first adventure and therefore - in part - his origin story. We are also in development on a possible sequel called CAPTAIN FUTURE - WIZARD OF SCIENCE which would be ready instantly if box office returns are promising.”

I think at the moment that's wishful thinking. I'm really not sure that there will be the money to develop both films straight up. Still, the audience is in Europe and all the superheroes are in America so far, maybe there's a chance this could work and we could see Alvart returning to the strength of his first film but in a direction very different from the one he's been taking, away from Hollywood and away from horror.



Twitch? I think you mean QE yo!;)

I certainly do, and I apologise from the bottom of my keyboard. Sorry QE. I'd have fixed it sooner but I've been on holidays with intermittent WiFi access.

Again, apologies.


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